Bee Sweet Orchards

To God be the Glory

The fruit has made is through the frost season. It's looking like a good crop this year. Now we have to make it through the spring storms. Praying no hail damage this year! The peaches should  start ripening in mid to late June with limited amounts then peek in early July. 

With safety in mind we may have a drive-through pick-up only.

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Stay safe hope to see you all soon.

Thanks to the Haight's and their six generations of knowledge for producing the finest & freshest produce.  We aim to carry on their legacy. 

You're part of the local economy, so you understand how important it is to keep Rockingham County strong and moving forward. We're doing that, too!

purchase locally

freshness & flavor

your community

Come out and find the finest local produce.  We offer 9 varieties of apples, 14 varieties of peaches and 4 varieties of nectarines.